Choosing Suitable Hair Color for Medium Skin Tone

Finding the appropriate hair color for medium skin tone has always been relating to a lot of effort and all women apparently knew that already. As we all know that the intricacies when choosing the right hair color is daunting and tiring. Because when we pick the wrong color then the result become ashen and washed out as well. In the other hand, when we can pick the suitable color – it can provide us a lively life and making any women green with huge envy. Knowing the complete understanding deeply of our personal skin complexion will guide us effortlessly throughout the whole process of having the catchy and refreshing hair color. The basic characteristic of a medium skin tone is that the skin has an ivory white, and the eyes are in yellow-brown or can also a green-hazel. Therefore, the appropriate hair color is should not be in dark and this lead to the two options.

hair color for medium skin tone blake lively
Blake Lively beachy waves hairstyle with light brown base

The first option is the light ash brown, and the other one is the golden blonde where these two are the perfect choices. However, as hairstylist call the hair coloring is also a form of art, then the possibilities of art is wide-opened and endless. It means that we can make our attempt and have it the as wildly as possible. For this particular skin, we can use some highlight over the based hair color where the choices are either beige blonde or golden-copper red. If we would like to stand out from the crowd then what we need to do is to use the highlight. That idea will bring out our uniqueness as a figure.

The more we understand our personality whether the weakness or the strength, the more we can land on the right decision over this confusing option of hair color for medium skin tone. The tendency of this skin is that the pale complexion appears around 40% more than the natural skin tone type. Therefore, we need to avoid color that has a dark side such as black and its family tree colors – otherwise, we will end up appear in paler and older than we are. [image credit:Allure]

hair color for medium skin tone kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian honey blonde hair colors
hair color for medium skin tone soo joo park
Soo Joo Park blonde hair with a slight golden

Choosing Suitable Hair Color for Medium Skin Tone


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