New Hairstyles for Women 2016: Trendy and Elegant

The different year will bring us in different styles and the new hairstyles for women 2016 will be so inspiring that will make us in trendy and elegant outlook. There are wide selections that we can have whatever length of our hair is. The first one that we would like to discuss is the French Twist that the innovation make this style can give us younger and cooler experience. This style apparently suitable for women that have long and medium hair length due to the twist style on the rear side that we need to make. Sometimes, we can add some braided on the rear side to make the style richer and look classier than the simple twist. However, if we prefer the simple version, then the perfect inspiration to this would be Diane Von Furstenberg that she has a knot-like chignon around the nape of the neck side.

new hairstyles for women 2016
Short Hairstyles for 2016 –

In the meantime, for women that have curly hair texture can try the Bohemian Waves where this style suit well for the summer and spring season that is the simplest style. This style looks best when we have a thick hair volume because the style will even receive more accentuate rather than the thin volume version. Furthermore, if we are a fan of Katy Perry, then we should know that she sometimes use the Bound at the Nape style. This style is also part of the future trend that will enrich the 2016 year of haircut world for women. At first, this haircut seems like the pas school old days but if we look at the artistic part, then we will amaze with this haircut.

Despite all of the haircuts type that mentioned earlier as the new hairstyles for women 2016 category – we also have the short hair type styles. The most unbelievable style that will last the longest time despite the year goes by is the layered bob. This style is not only giving women attractiveness, but it also offers women with a ‘biting’ outlook. Another one is the pixie that all of these two styles has always been in refreshing haircuts.

new hairstyles for women 2016 02
Medium Hair 2016 –
new hairstyles for women 2016 03
Long Haircuts 2016

New Hairstyles for Women 2016: Trendy and Elegant


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